Saudi Arabia #1 MEME token on Dex…help us launch it to the MOON.

Saudia Crypto token $MBS is the ultimate way to showcase Saudi support for the integration of Crypto into the Saudi financial system. Join us in showing the world as we make $MBS token number 1 trender on dex.
Our team has a proven trackrecord of success in the blockchain world and aims to deliver Massive Gains to HOLDRs.
Help us spread the word with Twitter #AnaSheikh campaign. Tell your friends!

About Us

Binance Smart Chain allows us to trade faster and more inexpensively than ETH. .

Our team is international with members from Saudi Arabia, USA, Morocco, Germany, and Korea. All of our team members have been involved in ICO launches from 2017-forward.

Market-Proven Methods For You

$MBS tokens feature NO FREE TEAM TOKENS. Everyone buys. 85% of ICO funds become Locked Liquidity on Pancake Swap for 1 year. . 15% Reserve for marketing. Team members are fully verified so no fear of Rug-Pulling. Invest in SMBS token!

Token Info

1 Trillion

Max Supply

Binance Smart Chain

Token Network

Saudi Crypto

Token Name


Token Symbol






Unlocked Marketing


Features The Saudia Loves Crypto Team is Dedicated to Bringing You Massive Profits. With Our Expertise in Meme Coin Success, We've Designed Saudia Crypto to increase in value with time.

Staking Reward
Staking Reward

With our staking program, you can earn Saudi Crypto tokens on top of your current token balance, potentially increasing your overall holdings and leading to greater financial gains. Plus, thanks to our recent 40% supply burn, the total number of tokens in circulation has decreased, creating the potential for a price increase in the future.
We have a staking program planned for 3rd quarter 2023 to reward early adopters and to kick off Saudi National Day September 23, 2023. We will offer generous staking to our members who become long term holders. In addition, as we spread the word in Saudia, early adopters stand to benefit from demand out pacing supply.

85% of Funds for Liquidity

We understand the importance of maintaining stability in the crypto market, which is why we have taken steps to secure the long-term growth of our token. To this end, we have set aside 85% of all funds accumulated from sell-off transactions and directed them towards liquidity. These funds will be locked for a period of one year to ensure that they remain available for the community's use and prevent any market instability that could harm investors.

50% Total Supply For Presale

We have allocated 50% of our tokens for the upcoming presale, which will be conducted across multiple platforms to maximize accessibility and reach a wider audience. This presale will provide an excellent opportunity for early adopters to invest in our project and receive exclusive benefits, such as reduced token prices and priority access to future features. All BNB collected will be spent as follows 85% locked liquidity, 15% marketing. This will help us spread the world to Saudi and the world. It doesn’t matter where your from, help spread the word, be an early adopter, and lets make money together.

Saudi Crypto Team

We attribute our success to our team's expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to creating value for our community. We are proud of the community we have built and the trust that our investors have placed in us.

Why Saudia Loves Crypto?

Liquidity Locked

Rest assured that with $MBS, we prioritize the safety and security of our community above all else. To that end, we have implemented measures to lock liquidity and prevent any potential rug pulls from occurring. By doing so, we aim to provide our investors with the peace of mind they need to confidently invest in our project and enjoy the potential rewards it offers.


At $MBS, we strongly believe in giving back to the community and supporting charitable causes. As such, we have established partnerships with various charitable organizations that will receive a portion of the profits generated by our project. By investing in Saudi Crypto, not only can you potentially benefit financially, but you can also contribute to worthy causes and make a positive impact on the world.

Earn Passive Income

Saudi Crypto offers a unique opportunity for token holders to earn passive income by staking their tokens. By simply holding onto your tokens, you can earn regular rewards that will increase your overall balance. This process is hassle-free and requires no additional effort on your part, allowing you to sit back and watch your earnings grow automatically. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to earn more while holding onto your Saudi Crypto Tokens?

Community Driven

Saudi Crypto has been designed with its community in mind and is committed to rewarding its members. By holding onto your tokens, you are contributing to the tokenomics of the project, which allows Saudi Crypto to thrive and grow. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship where the community benefits from the success of the project, and the project benefits from the support of its community.
Spread the word use #AnaSheikh and share our website. The more we raise awareness the more we profit and the more we help encourage other Saudis to join the crypto movement. Maybe $MBS token will be seen by MBS himself! 😊

Our Roadmap

2023 Quarter 2

  • Project Launch
  • Marketing Launch of #AnaSheikh
  • Listing on CMC and CG
  • Marketing Campaign
  • DEX and CEX relationships

Quarter 3-4

  • GCC marketing program
  • In person meetings for Saudi investors
  • Dubai Crypto Show
  • Staking and NFT development

2024 Quarter 1 - 4

  • GCC Exchanges
  • Saudi Projects (In country)


What is Saudi Crypto Token?

Living on the Binance Smart Chain, Saudi Crypto is custom-tuned for your gains. The features include Staking Rewards, burning to facilitate deflation, a Marketing Wallet to promote the project for growth, and contract renouncement so the community can run the project collectively.

When will I be able to purchase tokens?

The Saudi Crypto presale is just around the corner, and we will be announcing the exact date very soon. We invite you to join us for this exciting event and be part of the future of our project. Stay tuned for further updates!

How Many Tokens Reserve For Presale?

Total 50% Of Token is reserved for presale.

How Many Tokens goes To Liquidity?

85%. The Saudi Crypto team is committed to ensuring that all profits generated from the tokens benefit the community, including you. We will not keep any profits for ourselves, and 85% of the funds accumulated from sell-off transactions will be directed towards liquidity to support the long-term stability of the token. With Saudi Crypto, you can be confident that your investment is being used to benefit the community and help achieve our shared goals.